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The Atouts+ ambition

The world has changed, new knowledge is emerging: students have different talents and aspirations. Atouts+ is the undergraduate degree that responds to these changes. A French-style liberal arts college.

A unique program

Atouts+ offers a unique program in France. It meets the needs of today's students.

What do our students learn?

Atouts+ gives its student a fundamental education which will allow them to evolve and adapt to the constant renewal of knowledge and ever-changing professional world.

How do we teach students?

What kind of mindset do we wish to forge in preparation for today's world? What kind of intelligence is needed?

Equal opportunities

Atouts+ aims to break the invisible social barriers that exist in higher education and allow all those who have the motivation to succeed in their studies.

studeo, floreo

Atouts+ offers a supportive environment

Our core training includes a foundation year, and a chance to excel in the student’s chosen disciplines, providing the key to success in their professional future.

If you are concerned about your level of English, or if French is not your mother tongue, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss specially-tailored programs.



Three tracks

21st Century Humanities

The disciplines related to the mind’s training and its expression in culture

Economics and Social Sciences

The keys to tackle the challenges of today's world

Mathematics, Computer Science, Science

The fundamental disciplines for innovation and progress

Personalities with a long-standing commitment to higher education

Philippe Aghion

Scientific Advisory Board

Agathe Cagé

Scientific Advisory Board

Chantal Delsol

Board of Directors

Monique Canto-Sperber

Board of Directors

Jean-Pierre Dupuy

Scientific Advisory Board

Atouts+ welcomes its students at 6, rue du Fouarre in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. The origins of this street go back to the schools of the University of Paris, which settled here in the 13th century.

Admission 2023

How to apply?

Job opportunities

Partnerships with several Parisian universities enable students to pursue their studies in the best possible conditions, under agreements currently being drawn up.

In addition to the Atouts+ bachelor's degree:
o Opportunities to join university master's programs (French and foreign universities) under agreements currently being drawn up
o Opportunities to prepare for written entrance exams to the grandes écoles
o Opportunities to prepare for professional certification.

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