An exceptional campus

In keeping with an ancient French tradition, Atouts+ welcomes its students at 6, rue du Fouarre in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. The origin of this street is linked to the history of the schools of the University of Paris which, in the 13th century, were established there.

Attention, temporary back-to-school in the 7th arrondissement!

Atouts+ will welcome its students on September 18, 2023 at 16-22 rue de Martignac, in the Hôtel particulier de Vogüé in the 7th arrondissement, a stone's throw from the Assemblée Nationale and other higher education establishments such as SciencesPo.

Students will move to the new premises at 6, rue du Fouarre in January 2024.

An open house will be held at 6, rue du Fouarre in early September.

An exceptional campus

On Rue du Fouarre, students meet every day in the heart of the Latin Quarter, opposite Notre-Dame de Paris and a stone's throw from the Sorbonne library.

They can take advantage of the René Viviani square, the banks of the Seine, as well as the bookstores, cinemas and cafés of the Latin Quarter and thus experience a unique immersion in Parisian student life.

The birthplace of the Université Parisienne

The origin of the rue du Fouarre is linked to the history of the schools of the University of Paris which, in the 13th century, occupied almost the entire street.

Then rue des Écoles, the street took, in the 14th century, the name of rue du Feurre or de la Paille. The feurre - or fouarre - designates the hay which, in this street, was used as a seat for the schoolchildren and then was swept up on the road after use.

A private mansion built by the Society for Elementary Education

On July 15, 1880, the Société pour l'Instruction élémentaire acquired the undeveloped land at 6, rue du Fouarre. The architect Roch Rozier, in charge of the building site, created a three-bay wide façade.

On March 28, 2007, the Société des Amis de l'Université de Paris was transformed into a foundation whose purpose is "to promote the development of the Universities of Paris and to contribute to their national and international prestige". In January and February of the following year, the society donated the building to the Robert de Sorbon Foundation.

In keeping with this prestigious tradition, the Robert de Sorbon Foundation is now home to Atouts+ university, providing excellence in higher education.

Frequently asked questions

How to get there?

Atouts+ is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter
6, rue du Fouarre
75005 Paris

Line B, station Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame
Line C, station Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame

line 4, Saint-Michel station
line 10, Cluny-La Sorbonne or Maubert-Mutualité station

47, station Lagrange
87, station Notre-Dame - Quai de Montebello
63, 86, station Dante

Where to eat?

Atouts+ has a cosy lounge where students can meet, relax and have a coffee or tea.

While there is no restaurant within the school, the Latin Quarter is full of restaurants, cafes and bakeries.

Visit the campus

To visit the campus and meet with us, simply make an appointment by writing to

6, rue de la Fouarre
75005 Paris

Make an appointment