The goal of the Atouts+ teaching program is to provide each student with an outstanding education in their chosen discipline, while offering a real multidisciplinary approach. The specialization is progressive with the aim of attaining concrete expertise by their third year.

Atouts+ is committed to training free and creative minds, students equipped with effective working methods, trained to take on responsibility.

The Atouts+ program also connects students with the world of academic research and with the wider world, thanks to exchange programs, internships, and events with leading figures in culture, business and politics.

Atouts+ students follow a three-year program and then earn a bachelor's degree. Atouts+ students can go on to pursue a master's degree at the best French and foreign universities and institutions.


Three tracks

21st Century Humanities

The disciplines related to the mind’s training and its expression in culture

Economics and Social Sciences

The keys to tackle the challenges of today's world

Mathematics, Computer Science, Science

The fundamental disciplines for innovation and progress

In each track: 

  • a common core curriculum
  • the main disciplines in the track chosen by the student (the major)
  • languages and elective courses (the minors)

21st Century Humanities