A unique program

Atouts+ is a unique undergraduate program in France, providing students the keys to succeed in their professional path, without locking them in a single specialisation. We give students the tools they need for life-long progression.

The POST-BAC options do not always meet the expectations of ambitious high school graduates

Atouts+ understands that today’s baccalaureate holders have aspirations that cannot be fully satisfied with traditional programs.

What do students want?

    • to have time to explore different disciplines before they specialize
    • to take courses related to the environment
    • have a comprehensive training of the mind and opportunities to practice creativity
    • have a solid training of the mind and opportunities to practice creativity
    • to understand the global economy and international affairs
    • to study in French and English
    • to be prepared to apply for the best master’s degree programs

The demand is there, but until now there was no program in France that could fully meet it.

The Atouts+ answer:

During the three years of training, Atouts+ brings together:

  • a coherent multidisciplinary approach
  • a progressive specialization
  • environmental studies
  • individualized courses adapted to the needs of each student
  • immersion in the international academic and business world
  • development of soft skills essential to professional life (proactive mindset, teamwork and leadership abilities)
  • teaching in English and French
  • an extra-curricular life which complements the academic programs

An innovative degree with an approach distinct from that of existing universities

Atouts+ offers:
  • individualization of courses and tutorials
  • classes in English and stays abroad at foreign universities
  • opportunities for immersion in the professional world
  • a coherent multidisciplinary approach: i.e. mathematics and computer science for literature students, history and ethics for scientists

Atouts+, a unique training program which offers a different approach from preparatory classes

Atouts+ offers:
  • curricula adapted to each individual, including tutorials and skills assessments
  • studies in English
  • stays in a foreign university
  • lessons related to environmental issues
  • skills for socio-professional life
  • innovative teaching methods
  • meetings with leaders in business and economics, in addition to culture and politics

Atouts+ goes beyond the "Cycles Pluridisciplinaires d'Études Supérieures" (CPES)

Atouts+ offers:
  • tutorials and skills assessment
  • socio-professional experiences and stays in a foreign university
  • a coherent multidisciplinary approach

A touchstone for life

Thirty years from now, students will still be active in a world where much of the skills and expertise they acquired during their studies will have become obsolete. They may have already changed jobs several times. If we were to ask them - What do you still have from your studies? What has resisted the renewal of knowledge and the transformation of professions? - what would they answer?

Atouts+ is an answer. Education designed as a lifelong asset, which:

  • ensures accurate and reliable knowledge;
  • exercises critical thinking skills;
  • trains creativity and responsibility;
  • connects to academic research, international business, and the socio-economic and cultural world.

Atouts+, a foundation that allows individuals to flourish throughout their lives.

studeo, floreo

What do our students learn?

Atouts+ develops its students’ intelligence in a way that will allow them to renew their knowledge and skills as society evolves