What's next?

Atouts+ students graduate equipped for life. Atouts+ also grants a world-class degree opening the way to advanced studies and entry into the professional world.

The diploma

The Atouts+ diploma is a Bachelor's degree awarded after three years of study.

Its reputation is based on the quality of its leaders and teachers, the strength of its curriculum and the good results obtained by its students.

The courses offered in the Atouts+ program cover all the disciplines that make up the teaching programs of a university degree.

Postgraduate Study

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree, students can pursue their studies in French and European universities, as well as in French and foreign grandes écoles and higher education institutions, within the framework of agreements currently being drawn up.

Optionally, Atouts+ students can also prepare for the competitive entrance exams of the Grandes Écoles, starting in their second year. Students choosing this option submit assignments to assess their progress with the help of teachers who are experts at grading these examinations.

Professional opportunities

The worlds of research andindustry are ever present in the Atouts+ program: organization of internships, meetings with leaders inresearch, culture, business and politics. Students are prepared for a successful integration into the working world.