Equal opportunities

Atouts+ wishes to offer and evaluate a method to remedy the social determinism at work in higher education and to allow all those who have the motivation to succeed in their studies.

Atouts+ is open to all students, regardless of their socio-economic background or the high school they studied at

Don't be stopped by the fear that such a demanding course is not for you. Don't think that what you think you lack in ability will prevent you from getting there. If you want to succeed in your studies, we will help you.

If French is not your mother tongue, we will help you to quickly acquire a level that will allow you to succeed in your studies in French and English.


Ongoing research on equal opportunities

Atouts+ is conducting research in the field of educational innovation.

It tests and evaluates the effects of its educational strategy and academic programs in order to improve them in real time. It acts as an incubator for best practices that can benefit the entire higher education system.

Our research evaluates:

  • the effectiveness of the methods and teachings of formation of the mind
  • the efficacy of specific teaching tools in each subject area
  • the outcome of lessons concerning the ecological transition
  • the impact of multidisciplinarity
  • the result of immersion in the workplace to acquire professional skills

To promote equal opportunities

In a more targeted way, the research carried out at Atouts+ evaluates the "determinants of success." Students sometimes have educational gaps due to the fact that they did not benefit from an optimal environment during their high school years. By measuring the effects of the proposed teaching methods and collecting quickly assessable results, the Atouts+ programs can be adapted to their needs.

Relevant data collected at admission and at various stages of the three-year program are anonymized and then compared to data collected from a control group. A team of researchers from Parisian universities will act as independent observers and evaluators.

Finally, Atouts+, a private non-profit institution, is open to sponsorship. It is able to accept donations towards specific bursaries for students who need financial support to pursue higher education: i.e. housing assistance, subsidies for language stays and the acquisition of computer equipment for individual students from disadvantaged backgrounds.


First-class training in each of the disciplines