Study today, invent tomorrow

The Atouts+ ambition

The world has changed, new knowledge is emerging: students have different talents and aspirations. Atouts+ offers the educational training that responds to these changes, with a rigorous pluridisciplinary approach that distinguishes us from existing French universities and "Grandes Écoles" preparatory classes.

Throughout my career, as I directed prestigious institutions, created new curricula, and taught abroad, I began to dream of an education that would give each student resources for life. I imagined a new institution in our country that would provide a solid training of the mind, allow students to attain a high level of expertise in several disciplines, and respond to their desires and ambitions: to acquire precise working methods and knowledge while practising creativity, to be trained in English and in French, and to have the time to explore various disciplines before choosing their focus.

Atouts+ is the realisation of this dream, the melting pot of intelligence that tomorrow's world demands, young minds capable of forward-thinking, considered risk-taking and long-term responsibility.

Its ambition is to train young people who, in thirty years or so, when much of the knowledge taught today will have become obsolete, will still find in their initial training an inexhaustible resource for adaptation and renewal.

Rise to the Atouts+ challenge!

Monique Canto-Sperber, founder of Atouts+

Why Atouts+?

The world is changing, new knowledge is emerging. Atouts+ offers the undergraduate training that responds to these changes.

Atouts+, a new institution

A first-class education, different from anything offered by universities and preparatory classes to "Grandes Écoles", proposing three unique study tracks.

The Atouts+ mission

A place where experienced and attentive teachers help students develop rigorous intellectual skills and become experts in their chosen disciplines.

The objectives

Atouts+ is a new institution that provides an exceptional three-year study program, in French and English, equivalent to an undergraduate degree. It aims to:

  • provide a comprehensive training of the mind
  • combine multidisciplinarity and the acquisition of a high level of expertise in specialty disciplines
  • give a perfect command of written and spoken language
  • integrate environmental studies into core training
  • combine skills acquired in professional life with academic skills
  • offer an opening to international life

Atouts+ is designed to offer a unique type of educational training which is capable of:

  • providing a substantial, lifelong education
  • being a meeting point of French tradition and innovation
  • steering students with educational gaps towards success
  • helping students to gain a command of spoken and written English without moving overseas
  • experimenting with a method to remedy educational inequality
  • identifying the factors that lead to academic success (thanks to research into pedagogical strategies)

Atouts+ is the concretization of this ambition.


The Founder

Monique Canto-Sperber has a long-standing commitment to higher education and has led several important initiatives in this field. She directed the École normale supérieure from 2005 to 2012, before working on the creation of Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) in 2011 and serving as its president from 2012 to 2014.

Monique Canto-Sperber has lived and taught at several international institutions, in particular at Oxford, Princeton and Stanford. She has published more than fifteen books, translated into several languages, many of which are still widely read across universities to this day (Dictionnaire d’éthique et de philosophie morale (1996-2004), La Philosophie grecque (1998), Éthiques grecques (2003), L’Idée de guerre juste (2009), La Fin des libertés (2019), Sauver la liberté d’expression (2021))

She has also published books and articles on education, including L’Oligarchie de l’excellence, les meilleures études pour le plus grand nombre (2017) and, on education in general : Une École qui peut mieux faire (2022).

Atouts+: a unique program

Atouts+: a holistic education.