How do we teach students?

The educational concept and curricula of Atouts+ are a comprehensive response to the questions: "What kind of mind do we want to train for today's world? What kind of intelligence for the world of tomorrow?"

New learning methods

Pluridisciplinary thinking

Customised curricula

Innovative teaching tools

A pedagogy of commitment

Pluridisciplinary thinking

New learning methods

Atouts+ offers programs with original learning methods that lead students to develop a broad spectrum of skills.


  • Personal Tutorials

Twice a month, a group of two to three students meet with their tutor for several hours. Students revisit what they have learned, apply it to a variety of different contexts, and explore further issues together.

This exercise develops the personality, shapes self-confidence, autonomy and intellectual commitment.


  • Student Lectures

Every month, each student has one hour to creatively reflect on their learning in front of their tutors and peers. They showcase the knowledge and skills they have acquired, their work methods, their projects and results.


  • Debate Chamber

Every month for two hours, in French and English, students practise public speaking to defend a thesis, oppose a point of view or justify a course of action. They master the art of public speaking through regular practice.


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Pluridisciplinary thinking

At Atouts+ we seek to redefine the notion of "discipline". In addition to the key subjects that are studied within each discipline, the courses are also designed to highlight and teach the type of thinking crucial to it.

For example: "History" is incorporated within all subjects to familiarise students with the historical definition of problems, to deepen their geostrategic, economic and political knowledge, and to relate theoretical concepts to situations and events.

All students study “Literature", in courses that ensure mastery of the reading of texts, acquisition of interpretation methods, knowledge of literary and cultural history, and excellence in written work (in English and French).

Through core “Philosophy" courses, students study the history of ideas, the key concepts of the discipline, and a coherent set of thought problems. These classes also exercise the students’ ability to conduct a detailed reading of the main texts and arguments within the discipline.

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Customised curricula

Atouts+ knows that each student is unique. They arrive in higher education with their own way of learning and assimilating knowledge.

For this reason, Atouts+ offers personalised instruction with possible consolidation programs for those who:

  • did not choose the relevant specialties in their senior year of high school
  • feel they need additional training in English

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Innovative teaching tools

The teaching at Atouts+ mobilizes pedagogical tools that are different from those usually used in French academic institutions:

  • interactive lessons
  • a smart learning context (an environment for teaching that promotes adaptation, reflexivity on methods, efficiency and student engagement)
  • free educational resources
  • personalised teaching
  • forms of flipped classrooms
  • exercises adapted to learning in a peer-to-peer context
  • exercises to reinforce mental agility (e.g. memorization and speed of execution)
  • time to reflect on the skills acquired


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Equal opportunities

Atouts+ aims to break social determinism in higher education