At Atouts+, we don't know what tomorrow will bring. But we firmly believe that a multidisciplinary education, rooted in excellence, combined withdeep proficiency in specialized disciplines, guarantees that each student will be able to adapt easily to the unpredictable circumstances of a changing world.

How do we recruit?

The higher education offered by Atouts+ isdemanding. Students are selected based on the following criteria: motivation, interest in the program, ability to commit to objectives, thoroughness of prior studies and awareness of gaps to be filled, familiarity with English, curiosity, rigor and pioneering mindset.

Above all, Atouts+ is looking for clear-thinking, motivated students with a dynamic learning attitude.

To give everyone a chance, Atouts+ has designed a two-step process that is totally free and open to all.

Submit your application


Submit your file

The first step is to send to the address the following documents:


Meet the admissions panel

The second and final stage consists in a 30-minute individual interview with the admission panel.

During this interview, the jury will assess your motivation, your background and your command of English.

Interviews are preferably conducted face-to-face, but can also be conducted by videoconference if necessary.

Admissions Calendar

  • March 6: admissions to 2023/24 academic year open
  • September 30: admissions close


Atouts+ is a private higher education institution of excellence. Tuition fees for each student correspond to the costs of a university student. The cost of an academic year is determined according to each student's situation.

The Atouts+ grants

Atouts+ endeavors to put its first-class education within reach of all motivated students, regardless of means. This is a foundational commitment to our mission to help increase social mobility.

Full or partial scholarships are available based on demonstrated need and merit. They are financed by our community of partners.

Advantageous student loans

Atouts+ has partnered with various financial institutions to offer student loans at preferential rates.

Please state your interest in a loan when meeting the interview panel.

What's next?